Principal Investigator:

Teuta Pilizota (teuta.pilizota at (CV)

Teuta obtaned her undergraduate degree from Department of Physics, Univeristy of Zagreb, and her PhD at the Department of Physics, Univeristy of Oxford (working with Richard Berry). She worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Lewis-Sigler Institute, Princeton Univeristy (with Josh Shaevitz) before joining the Univeristy of Edinburgh


Smitha Hegde (shegde3 at

Smitha finished her undergraduate studies in biotechnology at Manipal Institute of Technology and her master studies in industrial biotechnology at the National Institute of Technology. She did her PhD in our group working on bacterial response to osmotic downshocks. She is currently interested in bacterial growth at higher osmolarities and in more complex envrionments.

Amritha Janardanan (Amritha.Janardanan at

Amritha finished her undergraduate and master studies in electronics and microelectronics at IIT and PESIT in Bangalore and her PhD at University of Manchester working on physics of graphene. She is currently working on electrical detection of bacterial flagellar motor and improving our microbioreactors for automated cell culturing

James Flewellen (James.Flewellen at

James completed his PhD at University of Oxford and took part in several exciting projects since. James is currently leading a project to explore the potential of our novel biosensor technology in a range of industries, including water supply, food and drink, medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring as part of the iCURE program delivered by SETsquared partnership.

PhD Students

Jack Hocking (co-supervised with Dr. Aidan Brown) (jack.hocking at

Jack finished his Bsc and Msc degrees in physics at Harriot-Watt University. He is currently looking at bacteriophage infection of on a single-cell and population level.

Mark Zurbruegg (M.B.Zurbruegg at

Mark finished his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at University of Glasgow followed by an Msc and Licentiate in Neorscience at University Zurich and Karolinska Institute. He is currently looking into mechanical gene induction in E. coli and its role in cell preservation for industrial biotechnology.

Tommy Schmidlechner (co-supervised with Dr. Luke McNally)(tommy.schmidlechner at

Tommy finished his undergraduate degree at University of Edinbugh, School of Biological Sciences. He is currently looking into exploiting the optical control of E. coli's energetics to study evolutionary rescue.

Eric Chapman (co-supervised with Dr. Aidan Brown) (E.R.I.Chapman at

Eric did his undergraduate degree in Physics at Imperial College London, focussing on 2D infrared spectroscopy during his masters. He is now working on population dynamics of Bacteriophage-Bacteria interactions and working with OGI Bio to help further improve their bioreactors.

Nicolo Tormena (co-supervised with Prof. Kislon Voitchovsky) (nicolo.tormena at

Nicolo is working on creating and characterizing bio-inspired active nano-membranes able to sense mechanical stress.

Urte Puodziunaite (urte.puodziunaite at

Urte finished her undergraduate degree at School of Biological Sciences and her Msc at School of Eingneering, University of Edinburgh. She is working on automatically imaging microbial shape during growth and understanding the relationship beteween the shape and microbial physiology.

Undergraduate and Master Students

Jiang Shan, University of Edinburgh, School of Biological Sciences, undergraduate student
Diana Coroiu, University of Edinburgh, Honours Student (Biochemistry)

Lab Alumni

Alex McVey, currently a co-founder and managing director with OGI Bio Edinburgh
Faris Sinjab, currently a scientist with OGI BioEdinburgh
Wei-Chang Lo, currently a visiting researcher at Univeristy of Edinburgh

PhD students:
Guillaume Terradot,
Ekaterina Krasnopeeva, currently a posdoc in Calin Guet's lab at IST
Smitha Hegde, currently back with us
Dario Miroli, currently at DSTL
Leonardo Mancini, currently a postdoc in Pietro Cicuta's lab at University of Cambridge
Keiran Stevenson, currently a postdoc in Guillaume Lambert's lab at Cornell University
Eric Thorand (co-supervised with Naomi Nakayama), currently a scientist with BioClavis, Glasgow.
Jerko Rosko, currently a postdoc in Soyer lab, Warwick University

Research Assistants:
Francesca Galdi, currently an R&D scientist at OGI Bio Ltd.

Undergraduate students:
JingJin Han, University of Edinburgh, School of Biological Sciences, Honours student (biotechnology)
Urte Puodziunaite, University of Edinburgh, Honours Student (Biochemistry)
Jill Howie, University of Glasgow, MEneg in Biomedical Engineering
Lisa Kahl, Honours student (Biotechnology)
Dale Wyllie (Co-supervised with Wilson Poon)
Anna Stikane, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Charlotte Lilley, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Ryoto Takeuchi, Honours Student (Biochemistry)
Kate Lord, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Jack Twentyman, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Rachel Mellon, summer project student
Chong Kean Chua, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Adam Makepeace, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Master students:
Uriel Baroboza Perez (University of Edinburgh, Master student in Synthetic and Systems Biology)
Yubing Shang (University of Edinburgh, Master student in Biotechnology)
James Freed (co-supervised with Prof. Susan Rosser, University of Edinburgh, Master with research)
Renata Buda, ERASMUS Master student (University of Zagreb)
Zhu zian (University of Edinburgh, Master student in Biotechnology)
Joe Bradley (School of Physics and Astronomy, co-supervised with Prof. Wilson Poon)
Kathrine Murie (School of Physics and Astronomy, co-supervised with Dr. Richard Blythe and Dr. Naomi Nakayama)
Ralph Pompeus (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Visiting students:
Marijana Krivic (University of Zagreb, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing)
Liu Yunxiao (Peking University, in colaboration with Bai Fan)
Yang Jin (Peking University, in colaboration with Bai Fan)
Dejan Kunovac (University of Zagreb, in colaboration with Matko Gluncic)

Our past and present collaborators

Meriem El Karoui, Univeristy of Edinburgh, UK
Fan Bai, Peking University, China
Chien-Jung Lo, National Central University, Taiwan
Wilson Poon, Univeristy of Edinburgh, UK
Rosalind Allen, University of Edinburgh, UK
Marc Erhardt, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany
Naomi Nakayama, University of Edinburgh, UK
Pao-Yang Chen, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Peter Swain, University of Edinburgh, UK
Burak Okumus (Paulsson Lab), Harvard University, USA
Juan Carlos Arias Castro (former visting student from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; PhD student in the lab of Juan Manuel Pedraza)
Matko Gluncic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Filippo Menolascina, University of Edinburgh, UK
Peter Lund, University of Birmingham, UK
Malcolm Walkinshaw, University of Edinburgh, UK
Munehiro Asally, University of Warwick, UK
Tobias Bollenbach, University of Koln, Germany
Ya-Tang Yang, National Tsing Hua Univerisity, Taiwan
Tanniemola Liverpool, University of Bristol, UK
Andela Saric, University College London, UK
Morgan Beeby, Imperial College London, UK
Susan Rosser, University of Edinburgh, UK
Michael Chen, University of Edinburgh, UK
Michel Maharbiz, University of California Berkeley, USA
Ariel Amir, Harvard University, USA
Orkun Soyer, University of Warwick, UK

Theses coming out of the Pilizota lab

Jerko Rosko, Osmotaxis in Escherichia coli
Ekaterina Krasnopeeva, Single cell measurements of bacterial physiology traits during exposure to an external stress
Eric Thorand, Mechanical investigation of single plant cells using microfluidics
Keiran Stevenson, Physiology of Escherichia coli at high osmolarity and its use in industrial ethanol production
Dario Miroli, Cell size regulation of Escherichia coli at high osmolarity
Smitha Hegde, Escherichia coli's response to hyposmotic shocks
Leonardo Mancini, Measuring energy levels in bacterial dormancy

Open Positions

We are currently looking for talented PhD students with background in microbiology (you should have had courses in physics and mathematics), physics, engineering, biotechology or bioengineering.

Understanding the regulation of one of the main energy sources in living organisms, the Proton Motive Force

Feel free to email Teuta directly with any other questions.

We will soon be advertising several postdoctoral position. More information is to follow, in the mean time please email Teuta directly.

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