Principal Investigator:

Teuta Pilizota (teuta.pilizota at (CV)

Teuta obtaned her undergraduate degree from Department of Physics, Univeristy of Zagreb, and her PhD at the Department of Physics, Univeristy of Oxford (working with Richard Berry). She worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Lewis-Sigler Institute, Princeton Univeristy (with Josh Shaevitz) before joining the Univeristy of Edinburgh


Alex McVey

Alex finished his PhD at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, working on formation of bacterial collonies. He is currently interested in influence of mechanical forces on cell growth and volume regulation.

Jerko Rosko

Jerko finished his undergraduate and master studies at the Department of Physics, University of Zagreb and his PhD at University of Edinburgh, working on the interaction between osmotic and chemotactic networks. He is currently interested in swimming in complex environemnts.

PhD Students

Katya Krasnopeeva

Katya finished her undergraduate and master studies at the Department of General and Applied Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology before joining University of Edinburgh. She is working on understanding the changes in internal pH and Proton Motive Force in bacteria exposed to extrenal stresses

Eric Thorand (co-supervised with Dr. Naomi Nakayama)

Eric finished his undergraduate and master studies in mechanical engineering at Hamburg University of Technology. He is working on the osmotic and mechanical stimuli in E. coli and plant cells.

Keiran Stevenson

Keiran finished his undergraduate studies at the School of Biology, University of Edinburgh and decided to stay for a while longer. He is currently preoccupied with bacterial growth at higher external osmolarities.

Smitha Hegde

Smitha finished her undergraduate and master studies in biotechnological engineering at National Institute of Technology and Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka. She is interested in E. coli's response to osmotic downshocks.

Leonardo Mancini

Leonardo holds a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from University of Perugia, Italy and a masters degree in Biochemistry from University of Cambrdige, UK. His PhD project seeks to understand phenotypical strategies bacteria employ to sustain viability under antibiotic treatment.

Dario Miroli (co-supervised with Dr. Meriem El Karoui)

Dario finished his undergraduate degree at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinbrugh and is now fosucing his attention to mechanical control of gene expression, as well as volume regulation in bacteria.

Guillaume Terradot (co-supervised with Prof. Peter Swain)

Guillaume finished his undergraduate degree in Life Sciences at University of Pierre and Marie Curie and proceeded to a master degree in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences at University Paris Diderot. He is currently interested in mathematical modelling of bacterial free energy flows.

James Freed (co-supervised with Prof. Susan Rosser)

James finished his undergraduate degree in Medical Biochemistry at University of Leicester. He is currently trying to make a light powered mammalian cell.

Lab Alumni

Undergraduate students:
Lisa Kahl (currently a PhD student at University of Columbia, NY, USA)
Dale Wyllie (Co-supervised with Wilson Poon)
Anna Stikane, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Charlotte Lilley, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Ryoto Takeuchi, Honours Student (Biochemistry)
Kate Lord, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Jack Twentyman, Honours Student (Biotechnology)
Rachel Mellon, summer project student
Master students:
Renata Buda, ERASMUS Master student (University of Zagreb)
Zhu zian (University of Edinburgh, Master student in Biotechnology)
Visiting students:
Liu Yunxiao (Peking University, in colaboration with Bai Fan)
Yang Jin (Peking University, in colaboration with Bai Fan)
Dejan Kunovac (University of Zagreb, in colaboration with Matko Gluncic)

Our past and present collaborators

Meriem El Karoui, Univeristy of Edinburgh, UK
Fan Bai, Peking University, China
Chien-Jung Lo, National Central University, Taiwan
Wilson Poon, Univeristy of Edinburgh, UK
Rosalind Allen, University of Edinburgh, UK
Marc Erhardt, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany
Naomi Nakayama, University of Edinburgh, UK
Pao-Yang Chen, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Peter Swain, University of Edinburgh, UK
Burak Okumus (Paulsson Lab), Harvard University, USA
Juan Carlos Arias Castro (former visting student from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; PhD student in the lab of Juan Manuel Pedraza)
Matko Gluncic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Filippo Menolascina, University of Edinburgh, UK
Peter Lund, University of Birmingham, UK
Malcolm Walkinshaw, University of Edinburgh, UK
Munehiro Asally, University of Warwick, UK
Tobias Bollenbach, University of Koln, Germany
Ya-Tang Yang, National Tsing Hua Univerisity, Taiwan
Tanniemola Liverpool, University of Bristol, UK
Andela Saric, University College London, UK
Morgan Beeby, Imperial College London, UK
Susan Rosser, University of Edinburgh, UK

Open Positions

We are currently looking for talented PhD students with background in physics or engineering for following project funded by the EPSRC:

Developing a platform for direct counting and imaging of microbial cells

Feel free to Teuta directly with questions.

Currently the lab has no open postdoctoral positions. However, candidates interested in securing their own fellowships are always welcome to contact Teuta direclty to discuss the options.

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